Over the years, we've hand-selected edibles based on their flavor and their performance in the Northwest, striving to create a diverse collection of produce that has unique varieties for everyone. Whether you're a brand new gardener or a vegetable growing veteran, our vegetable and fruit plants for sale are a great place to start. 

All of our Garden Market herb and vegetable plants for sale are grown locally at our farm near Woodburn, using organic soil and fertilizer. We plant vegetable and fruit plants for sale in biodegradable coir pots, made from coconut shells, which can be sowed directly into the ground. These pots fully biodegrade in 2 - 3 months after planting, thus reducing plastic waste. The plantable pot also reduces the amount of transplant shock the plant experiences, so you can get your garden off to a great start! 

Browse our fruit and vegetable plants for sale at our Sherwood, Gresham, Wilsonville, or Woodburn locations.

Al's Garden Market Edibles are planted in Coir Pots:

Plantable pots made from coconut fiber.

roots growing through a coconut coir pot

Good for the plant!

  • Plantable pot reduces the amount of transplant shock the plant experiences.
  • Fiborus walls allow roots to grow through the pot quickly and easily.
  • "Aerial Root Pruning" occurs as air contact with the pot stops roots from protruding until planted, allowing root buds and secondary roots to develop, forming a healthier, stronger root ball in the pot that is ready to take off when planted.
  • The coconut fiber has a natural re-wetting ability after drying for better water transport to the plant, an advantage over peat pots.

Good for the earth!

  • Pots fully biodegrade 2-3 months after planting in the ground.
  • Coconut fiber is a renewable resource. Palm trees produce a coconut a day with little energy input.
  • Pots utilize the husks of the coconut wich is the main waste product of coconut farms.
  • Biodegradable pots help reduce the amount of plastic introduced into the environment.