Plants, Flowers, & More for Your Garden

Al’s Greenhouses, located in Gresham, Hubbard and Mt. Angel, grow 95% of the soft-stemmed annuals and perennials sold in Al’s four retail locations. Growing our own plants for your yard or garden enables Al’s to continually bring you the widest selection of high quality plants -- at the best prices! Our plant nursery in the Portland area is home to a large inventory of plants and flowers. View them below.

Grown by Al’s annual flowers are perfect for adding bold, brilliant color to any landscape. Plant them in garden beds, hanging baskets or in pots and containers for an eye-catching statement, bursting with blooms!

Perennial flowers return year-after-year and can serve as an anchor from which to build your landscape. Many of these hardy plants require less care and will thrive in sunny or shady spots in your yard or garden. Once planted, Grown by Al’s perennial garden plants traditionally return each year bigger and better!

Over the years, we've hand-selected edibles based on their flavor and their performance in the Northwest, striving to create a diverse collection of produce that has unique varieties for everyone. Whether you're a brand new gardener or a vegetable growing veteran, our vegetable and fruit plants for sale are a great place to start. 

With the Portland Rose Festival each spring, we are reminded that the rose plant has helped put our city on the map. According to Rose Festival historians, the festival was proposed with the main purpose of promoting Portland as a region. So isn't it time you stopped and smelled the roses?

Create year-round interest in your landscape with trees and shrubs. Think of them as the nuts and bolts of the garden!

Flower bulbs are some of the easiest flowers to grow and the most colorful to enjoy. Even the most novice gardener can create breathtakingly beautiful gardens with flower bulbs. Dig. Drop. Done. Follow these three simple steps to success to see your garden bulbs will sprout spectacularly!

Pile of Bulk soil

Cold nights or rapid temperature drops can harm or kill plants, but proactive mulching will protect your plants. Mulching also suppresses weed growth. One study has found weeding time to be reduced by almost two-thirds through the use of mulches. In addition, mulch provides nutrients to plants as it decomposes, prevents erosion, and helps retain moisture in dry months.

Pruners cutting a branch

The right garden tools or equipment can not only make your gardening project easier, they can make your gardening more fun! Our garden equipment and tool department is determined to bring you the most innovative and affordable tools on the market. We have the garden tools you need to complete any gardening project. 

Hand feeding sapling with fertilizer

Plants require balanced food, filled with lots of nutrition to help them grow strong, produce healthy blooms and fruit. Some plants like high nitrogen garden fertilizers, some like low nitrogen fertilizers. Some plants want to be fed weekly; some only need to be fed once a year. Al's offers a broad selection of plant fertilizer options, including our own line of Al’s fertilizers that we designed for our own growing needs, and now offer to our customers. 

a slug

There are many ways to control diseases and pest problems before they happen. Al's Garden & Home has many great natural, organic, and conventional garden pest control products to help to prevent and protect your plants from diseases and pests and rid your lawn of moss and weeds.