A red poinsettia

Poinsettias are the plant for the holidays. And nobody can match the quality and varieties of our Grown By Al's poinsettias. Stop by any Al's location to see what makes our Poinsettias the best around.


Candy Cinnamon Poinsettia

Candy Cinnamon

Candy Wintergreen Poinsettia

Candy Wintergreen

Christmas Aurora Poinsettia

Christmas Aurora

Christmas Beauty Marble Poinsettia

Christmas Beauty Marble

Christmas Cheer Poinsettia

Christmas Cheer

Christmas Glory Pink Poinsettia

Christmas Glory Pink

Christmas Morning Poinsettia

Christmas Morning

Cortez Burgundy Poinsettia

Cortez Burgundy

Green Envy Poinsettia

Green Envy

Premium Ice Crystal Poinsettia

Premium Ice Crystal

Princettia Dark Pink Poinsettia

Princettia Dark Pink

Red Glitter Poinsettia

Red Glitter

Snowy White Poinsettia

Snowy White

Tapestry Poinsettia


Whitestar Poinsettia