Hoppin' Poppers



Combine first 5 ingredients in a bowl

If you are using a hot pepper such as a jalapeno, we recommend wearing latex or nitrile gloves to keep away from "the heat".

The peppers can be prepared one of two ways: First, if you don't have a pepper stand, you can slice the peppers lengthwise leaving the ends intact (like a canoe) so the filling doesn't run out. Or, if you do have a pepper stand, cut the top of the pepper off. Then, using either a pepper corer or a paring knife, remove pepper ribs and seeds.

Next, using a small spoon, drop the filling into the peppers. Don't over-fill the pepper as the filling will bubble and possibly overflow while cooking. Place peppers (or pepper stand) on hot grill and cook covered until cheese is bubbling and the outside of the peppers are just turning brown.

(Speaking from experience), Let it cool down a bit. Enjoy!