It is time for a refresh for your home with fresh greens! Use greenery to decorate and update your front door, entryway, kitchen table and so much more for the Holiday season. The fresh greenery scent is always welcome around the holidays.


The nice thing about fresh garland is that it adds a fresh greenery scent to your entrance! With live garland you do not have to worry about it getting rained on or exposed to the elements because that is its normal habitat. Here is a tip for you, if you want to attach it to your door frame but don’t want to have to put staples into the side of your home, use Command hooks! The garland is put together with wire so you can either hook the wire on the Command hook or tie string to the wire making a loop to attach to the hook.



Ways to use Cut Greens

There are many ways to use cut greens. You can use them to make centerpieces for your kitchen table, lay them on a mantle, put them in a vase, drape on a counter, use them in your nativity scene, make your own wreath or many more wonderful options. In this instance we used them in our front door décor! Everything was so pretty up high that the ground needed some love too. By draping them over the base of the pot I felt like it completed the look, connecting all the elements of the Holiday display together!

When using any type of greenery a way to make them last longer is by using Wilt Stop. Wilt Stop helps protect the greens by forming a coating and helping hold the moisture in for longer, allowing your greenery to look like new all season long.


Wreath Tip

If you are like me, you hate to scratch or attach things to your door. In my case, this door is brand new and wider than normal wreath hangers you hook over the top of the door. With some research I found this great idea to use two wreaths and attach them to each other with ribbon! If you hang one on the inside and one on the outside they counterbalance each other making your own wreath hangers. It is important to note that they should be the same weight otherwise one might pull the other down. What I found when doing this is that you should cut the ribbon longer than you think you need. You tie each end of the ribbon to the wire frames of each wreath and hang over the top of the door! With these wreaths I wanted to add a bow so I made that separately and secured it with wire to the wire frame of the wreath.

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Did you know that we offer Nationwide shipping (excludes Alaska and Hawaii) on our wreaths? You can send a loved one a wreath for their home for them to enjoy over the holidays! If you are looking to ship a wreath click the link below. Select wreaths are shippable, look for the Ship UPS button when you select the wreath. Please note that the last day to order is December 13th, 2021!

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