Wondering what to get that special someone for the holidays? Here is a comprehensive gift guide for everyone on your list this holiday season.


These bright and festive Corkcicle triple insulated glasses are the perfect way for anyone to enjoy their beverage of choice; a glass of wine, coffee, tea, cider next to a warm fire, camping and much more! Grab them as a quick gift to pair with a host’s favorite beverage!



Hello Adorn Jewelry is the perfect combination of simple and elegant. Pair any necklace, earrings or bracelet together to complete the perfect outfit this Holiday season. They are handmade with great material that reflects their high quality and unique minimalistic style.



Since the holidays are just around the corner you might need a grab and go wallet for holiday parties. These Hobo wallets are the perfect size to use as a clutch. In my experience they hold my phone, keys and all my cards and cash!


Warmies and Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a hot press when curled up on the couch? It is not only soothing and comforting but also relaxing to use! Just pop it in the microwave and rest it on your neck, shoulders, forehead, or really anywhere you find that needs help relaxing. Paired with a beautiful Scout bracelet/ necklace it makes the perfect gift for someone who needs a little bit extra relaxing in their lives.


Looking for stocking stuffers for someone with a sweet tooth? These chocolates and popcorn are the perfect pick as a gift item.

Pepper Jelly

Do you have a foodie in your family? These stonewall pepper jellies provide just the right amount of kick into their life. They can be sweet and savory at the same time and this little gift box is the perfect grab and go item you need this holiday season!

Olive Oil and Wine Charms

Who doesn’t need olive oil? For my family they are a kitchen staple that we always need and use. What makes these even better is that they are also pretty to look at and make a great gift! In this picture we are showcasing these cute wine charms that you can tie around a bottle as a gift that can be enjoyed every holiday season. Cheers to the holidays!


This scented candle is one of our top scents because it smells so good! It has underlays of citrus and for the holiday season there is a spiced version that adds holiday cheer to any home. One of my favorite things about these candles are the jars. After the candle runs out you can clean it out and use them as decorative jars in your home!

Kerisma Sweater

Perfect for any body type and in such bright and beautiful colors you really can’t go wrong with this gift. The sweater can be dressed up or dressed down. With the wide range of colors, soft material, this Kerisma sweater is an easy base for any outfit this holiday season, or anytime of the year.

Kitchen Towels

One of the fun things about the holidays is that you can change your home with a few holiday theme decorations and touches. These towels bring some holiday cheer into your kitchen with fun patterns and colors.

Kitchen Towel Scrubs

If you haven’t had the chance to try these towel scrubs you need to! They are amazing and can really clean up your dishes with ease. Not only do they work but they have fun holiday patterns to spruce up your sink area!

Houseplants and Holiday Containers

Why not give your host a centerpiece for their table that will last throughout the year! Or do you have a grandchild or know someone who loves plants? A houseplant is the perfect gift that can be enjoyed year round in a home! Our beautiful brightly colored containers add some festive joy into any home.


Now is the time for Poinsettias! Our Grown by Al’s poinsettia crop is looking amazing this year and there are a few new varieties in store that we are excited about. Place one into a beautiful Christmas container or a simple container that you can use throughout the year; just switch out the plant for the new season!


Let nature create soothing tones and give the gift of relaxation with our beautiful windchimes. Beautiful designs provide elegance to hang on a porch or patio that your loved one can look out to and remind them of you. They are the perfect gift for someone who loves to enjoy the outdoors and drink a cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon or evening!

Gift Card

Don’t know what to get as a present or need a quick stocking stuffer? Grab them a gift card online and have it sent via mail; you can even add a personalized message!