Are you ready for Christmas to come this year? I know I am! So much so, I might’ve started decorating a little bit early this year because I was just too excited. To do this I had to partially give up my tradition of putting up a live Christmas Tree (my compromise was to put up two instead of one)!

Like the song 'O Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches...your boughs are green in summertime, stay bravely green in winter time. Al’s Everlasting Christmas trees are perfect for enjoyment all season long. Most of them come pre-lit, we have a wide range of shapes and sizes and they are perfect for enjoying a long time (especially if you put them up early like me)! There is no need to worry about watering them and needle dropping making a mess!

Since I wanted to decorate early, I decided to invest in an Everlasting Christmas Tree for one room and then when the time comes, put up a live Christmas Tree in another room! Being from Oregon I love anything and everything living but the Everlasting Christmas Trees we have are too amazing to pass up!

They not only look real but they are incredibly high quality. All they are missing is the fresh scent of a live Christmas tree but that can be fixed with a candle or diffuser.

The range of sizes, colors, light settings, shapes, and places they can go in a home can be very overwhelming but with our wide selection of Everlasting Trees you can put them just about anywhere in your home. Can’t choose what color of lights you want? Many of our trees have multiple settings for lights! You could choose colorful, white, twinkling, flashing and many more! We also have a lovely pathway at Al’s of Sherwood to stroll through that showcases all of the different options we have!

One of the perks of an Everlasting Christmas tree is that they are getting easier and easier to set up! Most of the Everlasting trees that we carry come pre-lit with quick connect lights. No need to scratch up your arms searching for plugs to connect together. Quick connect lights are within the trunk of the tree; when you connect all the trunk pieces together it also is connecting all the lights together. All you have to do to light your tree is plug it into the wall!

In Oregon this summer was especially hard on our fresh Christmas trees. It got a little bit too hot for them and burnt a small selection of the good Christmas stock we have coming up. You might be hearing about a Christmas tree shortage but we not only have Everlasting Trees but also fresh ones! One of the perks of growing the majority of the plants that we sell is that we have first pick and quality control.

If we haven’t convinced you how magical Everlasting Christmas trees are we have plenty of Fresh Christmas trees coming November 23, 2021! Come in and see for yourself our holiday collection!