Fall is a busy time of year and sometimes we need something quick to throw together to make our front doors look nice and inviting. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when decorating your front porch for a new season!

Check out this Garden Time Segment with Judy, Mark and Annie!

They talk about fall containers and what to keep in mind when decorating your front porch for fall!

Plant Bulbs and Use Transplant Fertilizer

For a fun surprise this spring in your fall planters plant bulbs! Now is the time to plant them while you are switching out your containers and the ground is still soft. As you are planting stick the bulbs in at the recommended depth (you can find it on the back of the package) and plant over them with your fall plants!

Don’t forget to add transplant fertilizer! With the added nutrients your containers will thrive all fall.

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Grasses Add Height

Grasses have a really interesting texture they add to any container. They also add some extra height and a taller focal point to look at.


Pop in some trailers for interest down the pot or just as space fillers! Ajuga is a great option that has nice fall color.

Fill Space with Gourds

In this example I pretty much chose annuals that will not last over to next spring. But, sometimes I like to throw in perennials or trees and shrubs that will last until they die back or that will stay evergreen. Gourds make planters like that awesome or really, all planters awesome. They are great space fillers that you can just pop in for that annual that died with the colder weather. Or if an annual was looking too leggy so you had to take it out. In this container I wanted to add gourds as a pop of color to fill in some empty space.

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Add Interest with Fall Package

Sometimes during the fall and winter months we need our homes and front porches to look a little more cozy. You can make this happen with our fall decor package! It includes a small straw bale, corn stalk, mum and a standard orange pumpkin! Sometimes we need to switch it up from the standard pottery and containers we use to decorate our front porch and it is hard in the winter to want to go outside and take care of them. With the fall package you can just set it out there, may it look pretty and not worry about the up keep! Well, except at the end of the season when it is time to clean up :)

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Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Kale. You might be wondering what cabbage looking thing you have been seeing everywhere is. It is Ornamental Kale that has become so popular and is all over everyone’s front porches! Their texture is amazing and provides a pop of color or fills space in any container.

We have so many fun fall things to offer! Here are some options to get your fall containers started! Shop Fall Collection Online.

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