Perennials have many uses, they look great in yards but some can also be used as cut flowers! You can give them as a gift to cheer someone up or use them in your own home to add a freshness that only garden-fresh flowers can provide. Here is a list of perennials to get you started!

One thing to keep in mind when planning for flowers that you will want to pick later is that they need to have longer stems. Especially if they are going to go into bouquets! If you are floating them in a bowl of water then the stem length does not matter!


When picking flowers for a bouquet you will want to keep in mind thrillers, fillers and spillers. A thriller is something that is tall and will most likely be the focal point of the bouquet (it adds the height). Fillers add interest and can be used to add a pop of color throughout your bouquet that is evenly distributed. Last are the spillers. They act similarly to fillers in a bouquet but they are lower and really fill in the bottom space where there might be gaps. Spillers might even trail over the edge of your vase to really give it a full feeling.


Veronica makes a great thriller in your vase because of its nice long bloom. When thinking about thrillers to use, keep in mind something that will stand out and be a little bit taller than the rest.


For this filler I wanted something with bright color to really contrast with the white vase and Echinacea is a perennial that you can always count on for bright colors! There is a range of colors to choose from when looking at echinacea. One of the many nice things about echinacea is that they tend to have a longer bloom time which means that you can cut more flowers. As you are cutting the flowers you are helping the plant too. When the flowers are cut it encourages the plants to push out more blooms!


Spillers act similarly to fillers in a bouquet. They fill in those gaps in the bouquet where the fillers cannot. Yarrow is a great option for the spiller because of its small bloom clusters. You can place these small bloom clusters into many different parts of your bouquet where most plants cannot go into easily. They are a little bit more pliant in this aspect.

When choosing plants something else to keep in mind is the colors that you are choosing. You want to pick complementary colors so that the whole look is cohesive. The nice thing about perennials is that you have many different color options to choose from! I picked a purple yarrow to complement the red echinacea because the bottom of the echinacea petals actually have hints of purple in them and the white Veronica was chosen to tie back into the vase. Creating a triangle with the height of the bloom all the way down to the bottom of the vase creates a very pleasing arrangement. The triangle shape creates connections between all points of the bouquet and the human eye loves the triangle most because it can bounce from one point to the next making connections. Odd numbers when picking flowers and creating arrangements help with triangles too!

Perennial Options to Get You Started!

  • Coreopsis: a lot of coreopsis have a wispy flowy feel to them so these would be great if you wanted to float flowers in a bowl of water or if your bouquet is going to have more of a flowy look to it.
  • Hosta: with hostas you can use either the foliage or the blooms!
  • Tall Phlox: there are tall phlox and creeping phlox. For bouquets you will want the tall version so that you can use the length of the stem.
  • White Flowering Calla Lilies: just like the hostas you can use the foliage or the blooms on this perennial! With its large leaves it really has the ability to frame a bouquet around the edges. The beautiful white flowers you see in many different bouquets but can also be used as one singular flower in a stand alone vase.
  • Yarrow
  • Echinacea
  • Veronica

At the end of the day the bouquet is meant to make you or someone you care about happy. I found when I was creating this bouquet I was picking flowers that I liked and thought went well together. The person you give it to is going to love it because they know that you put in effort to make their day just a little bit brighter with garden-fresh perennials that come directly from your own garden!

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