How do you help your family enjoy the fresh air and nature and make your outdoor space a relaxing place? Here are a few tips that will help you elevate your outdoor living space.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Home.

What kind of furniture is suitable for creating an “outdoor room” depends on many factors. The first factor will be the size of your terrace. Before you start shopping, you should measure its dimensions, be sure to take into account other elements (tubs with flowers, grill, etc.), as well as the general stylistic orientation of your backyard space. Matching your outdoor furniture to the style of your home is essential to creating a beautiful, harmonious backyard living space. For instance, if you live in a Tudor-style home, using wicker patio furniture is very popular. If you live in a colonial home, consider wood furniture or metal furniture with classic lines. And, if your home is modern, you can add to your exterior appeal with bright colored cushions and resin, metal or rope furniture with sleek, modern lines.

Remember: the furniture you choose should not only be stylish, but it must be comfortable, try before you buy. Only in this way can you understand whether this is “your” furniture or not. Properly selected furniture can create a real paradise for you to spend your day!

Timelessly Modern… All-Weather Wicker

Polyrattan is an indispensable part of gardens in 2021. The weather-resistant material is enjoying increasing popularity. Rattan furniture impresses with its light weight and low maintenance. Sunlight and rain showers cannot harm this robust garden furniture. This trendy furniture is crafted with a woven in, quick drying, reticulated foam seat cushion with all the comfort and none of the maintenance or storage space requirements for relaxation in your own garden.


  • Get the look: Don’t think of a three-piece sectional as a three-piece sectional. Think of it as a couple of loveseats and an end chair, and arrange the pieces across your deck for spread-out seating. Modular Design is trendy and practical. Fixed spaces are a thing of the past. With modular designs now available for outdoor living, customizing and rearranging as your hosting/lounging needs change is easier than ever.
  • Ventura Collection

    Industrial Style… Now Outdoors

    The furnishing trend “Industrial Style” has been finding its way into the indoor area for a long time, in 2021 you will discover the simplicity and simple design language, which is inspired by the look of old warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings, also on the terrace. Materials such as steel or aluminum provide an industrial look. Horizontal lines allow the industrial character to effortlessly enter your own garden. Monochrome tones such as gray or black create a harmonious overall picture. No wonder that the trend color gray should not be missing in the garden this year either.


  • Get the look: Woven materials add texture, and when dressed up with decorative pillows, they’re easy and comfortable. Given the attention people are starting to give to their outdoor spaces, it makes sense they’re on the rise!
  • Peninsula Collection

    Create a Living Space for All Seasons

    The more often you can use your outdoor living space, the more cost-effective it will be. With so many of us spending more time at home, as warmer weather comes upon us, people are naturally drifting toward outdoor spaces. Slowing down, enjoying conversation and life’s moments are a few of the life lessons we’ve all had to learn over the past few months; in this way, fire pits are more than décor – they represent spending time with the ones we love. Since we live in a part of the country where the weather is chilly in the spring and fall, fire pits are becoming more popular than ever and will extend your outdoor season.


  • Get the look: A fire pit with metal framework keeps things sleek and on-trend, especially when paired with matching metal chairs.
  • Fire Pit

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    Bistro Set

    Outdoor Entertainment

    We have all been faced with outdoor entertaining this past year, it has become our best option for seeing our friends and family in a safe environment. Being able to entertain outdoors can be fun year-round. Not only will it keep your kitchen from getting hot and messy, food served outdoors just has a certain casual (and delicious) appeal. You don't have to spend a fortune to add an outdoor eating and cooking area. Setting up some bistro sets and/or a bar next to your grill adds color as well as additional counter and seating space for before, during or after dinner conversation.

  • Small Dining Set

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