March means it's time to put out your Mason Bees for the spring season. If you are having trouble getting good pollination on fruit trees and bushes, or you just want to increase the amount of native pollinators in your garden; then Mason Bees are for you!

All of this information is provided by our amazing Al’s of Wilsonville store manager, Peter Eastman! He speaks from experience because these wonderful pictures are from his own backyard.

These bees are easy to establish and maintain, fun to watch, and are an essential part of the garden lifecycle. (Bonus, they don’t have stingers!)

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A House for your Bees!

The Best Part is: They are Sustainable!

I’m very excited about our new line of Mason Bee kits and houses from Knox Cellars of WA. Their wooden houses and recyclable cardboard tubes for Mason Bees are a great sustainable system for even the novice. Each house contains a large round box of mason bee tubes.

Did you know each female bee needs an empty tube to store her eggs every year?

The tubes come with interchangeable paper liners that can be replaced each year. As your mason bee colony increases, you can easily add more kits to house your growing bee population.

Reusable Cardboard Tubes with Paper Liners

Check out the options we have online for pick up at Al's of Sherwood!

Double Shelter

Bee Shelter

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They Allow you to Watch!

I really like the Observation House that comes with each kit. Kids will love to slide back the viewing window to watch as the mother bees fill their glass covered tubes with eggs and mud. This provides a great teaching moment for your kids and gives them cool insights on how hard bees work.

Clear place where you can see your bees hard at work!

How to get Started

To get your Mason Bee colony started, you will need to purchase some live dormant bee cocoons. We offer locally grown Bees from OR and WA. Mason Bee season starts early, so come in and talk to an Al’s professional and we will get you set up to start growing your own colony of friendly Mason Bees!

Options for how to purchase your mason bees.

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