Adding pottery is the perfect way to add color, style and pizzazz… inside your house and on your patio. Pottery is available in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Here are five different kinds of pottery to choose from. You can also check out out our Online Shop! We have light weight pottery and drop-in pots for your houseplants!

Lightweight Pottery

Over the past couple of years we have seen the interest in lightweight pottery increase and we understand why! Gorgeous garden planters don’t have to be heavy or unwieldy; these indoor/outdoor pots are multipurpose, showing newer styles and designs than ever before. They look like they could weigh just as much as a big ceramic pot but my 13 year old cousin could lift the biggest size over her head without trouble!The new shapes and colors look like ceramic, but are easy to move around your house or your patio due to the weight. They are kind to your plants as they heat and cool quickly so plant roots and microorganisms are not damaged as easily even when in a sunny location. Fill them with annuals, foliage or even a small shrub for a stunning display that is easy to move and show off wherever you want.

Lightweight pottery is good for anywhere!

Ceramic Pottery

I would consider this type of pot a work of art on its own because of their beautiful designs, unique styles and bright colors. They look amazing with your favorite tree or mixed container to highlight areas on your patio. A benefit to ceramic is that it has an increased resistance to shocks and scratches and is solid and durable. I have even seen them used in a landscape for a pop of color and height. If you choose these pots, make sure when you water that the water drains out the bottom through the holes. If it doesn’t this may mean you are not watering enough or something is clogging the water. You don’t want your plants sitting in water! The perfect houseplants for ceramic pottery enjoy moist soil and that can adapt to damper environments like spider plants, ferns, and pothos.

Ceramic Pottery is good for an outside patio or yard!

Terra Cotta Pottery

If you tend to over water your plants, we recommend terra cotta because the porous nature of this material allows for air and water to move through the walls, preventing soil disease and root rot. It’s the perfect pot for indoor or outdoor, small or large plants, particularly often used for cacti, succulents, snake plants and other plants that prefer drier soil. Among the easiest plants to grow in a terracotta pot are jade plants, aloe vera, zebra plants and echeveria. This style of pottery has more new colors and shapes to expand beyond the clay colored look.

Terra Cotta

Self-Watering Pots

The most common mistake most plant lovers make is to over-water their plants. These pots offer a consistent level of moisture directly to the roots of plants and can increase plant health. The most important part when using a self-watering pot is to pick the perfect plant you can grow in it. The size of the pot will ultimately depend on the size of the plant you choose and come in a variety of sizes based on whether you are growing herbs, vegetables, succulents, indoor plants and outdoor plants. Examples of plants to use with this type of pot are decorative plants like orchids, African violets, and most herbs.

Self Watering means you add water and let the plants take what they need when they need it!

Drop-in Pots

When you come into the store you may have asked the question of why some of our indoor pottery doesn’t have holes. We consider most of these drop-in pots. This means that you can drop your plant directly in the pot with its plastic pot too. These make for an easy grab and go gift or if you are like me I like to switch my pots out based on the season or if I just want something new and fresh in my room. The trick with drop ins is that when you go to water your plants you want to take them out of the drop-in pot and water the plant in the sink. This helps because you want the water to drain all the way through the plants and get all the roots wet but you don’t want excess water to sit in the bottom of your drop-in pot!

Drop-in your plant, pot and all!
Drop-in your plant and you are good to go!

Come in and check out our big selections of pottery and pick the size, color, style and type that is right for your plant’s needs (and yours)!