a red poinsettia among succulent houseplants

Here at Al's, we're blending the houseplant craze with our Grown By Al's Poinsettias. So if you are in our store and you're wondering where all the houseplants went, wander over to the warm Poinsettia Houses to find all your houseplant favorites!

Freshen Up Before the Big Party

If you already have an Urban Jungle, look around - you may notice that a few areas need to be freshened up. Add some unique varieties for a new look, or replace a couple of houseplants that may have not survived. Yep, even the best horticulturists lose one once in a while.

A pop of traditional Christmas red from this Christmas Morning Poinsettia adds a festive touch to any houseplant collection.

Add Christmas Color

If you have a lush interior garden space, what better way to bring in the holidays but by adding a colorful poinsettia. Whether it's the modern new Green Envy or the traditional red poinsettia Christmas Morning, a little color can go a long way towards getting you and your guests into the holiday spirit.

This Green Envy Poinsettia can really highlight the unique foliage of the Zebra Plant.

Swap Out the Container

An even simpler way to make your houseplants festive is to swap out the old pot with a Christmas container. Al's has a great selection of Christmas tins and containers in all sorts of colors and designs. You are sure to find one that fits your decor!