plants and succulents

Older generations still dominate gardening participation at 35%, but younger generations are building interest at a rapid rate. One thing that's been attracting younger generations to garden centers is plant parenting. Yes, you heard us correctly, becoming plants parents.

Much easier and less expensive than having children or owning pets, parenting plants and succulents is a perfect activity to exercise newly discovered green thumbs while filling a home with lush greenery. The younger generation of gardening enthusiasts is loving it.

Where youthful excitement needs to heed the wisdom of older gardening veterans is in proper execution. One does not simply jump blindly into plant parenthood! That would be mightily irresponsible, so we've compiled some wisdom to share with plant parents-to-be.


Too many newbies go to the store, buy a bunch of plants and succulents, then bring them home and that's the last those plants are cared for. Fie and shame. Before you purchase a single sprout, you have to take stock of your home space. Plants don't just grow anywhere, so make sure you have the appropriate space for the plants you're planning to parent, then prepare it accordingly.


Springing off space, it's vital to recreate something close to the natural habitats of the plants you want to purchase. It's no secret that plants and succulents aren't native to your sitting room or kitchen, so it's your job to try and recreate something as close to those habitats as possible. Research what your plants need and how they'll thrive before making your living space their living space.


Now that you have your plants, it's time for the most difficult part: consistent upkeep. Just like small children and pets, plants aren't going to water and care for themselves. It's up to you to research their respective needs and provide for them accordingly. Watering, fertilizing, potting, pest removal, sunlight exposure, air temperature, and trimming are only a handful of the considerations you'll need to keep up with on a daily basis to be a successful plant parent.

With a little research, preparation, planning, and care, you can become an amazing plant parent in no time. If you think plant parenthood is something you'd like to try your soon-to-be-green hand at, talk with us and we'll help get you started on the right foot.