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Just because the temperature is starting to drop doesn't mean you have to stop gardening! Plenty of people have found ways to garden year-round, even into the fall and winter. Obviously, houseplants are a strong option for winter, with roughly 30% of homes having at least one houseplant. However, there are plenty of ways to keep your green thumb busy throughout the fall and winter! Here are just a few plants to buy from your local garden store for the coming colder months.

  • Cold-Weather Vegetables: Not all vegetable gardens have to go barren once the leaves change and the weather gets colder. Plenty of vegetables thrive in cool weather, including leafy greens, carrots, brussels sprouts, and radishes. Always check the seed packet for planting information, or contact your local garden store for advice.

  • Spring Bulbs: Autumn can be the perfect time to set up your garden for springtime, especially for bulbs. Bulbs require cold weather for a time before they begin to bloom, so now is a perfect time to plan out your spring garden. If you live in an area with deer, rabbits, or other animals that might see your future garden as a snack, be sure to plant bulbs that won't attract them.

  • Trees, Shrubs, and Bushes: These larger plants will still have plenty of time to establish their root systems before the ground freezes for the winter. Just be careful to watch for any power lines when digging, and make sure the soil stays well-watered before the ground freezes. This will give your new shrubs, trees, and bushes the best chance at thriving come springtime.

  • Wildflowers: Native wildflowers, while often considered by many to be weeds, are perfect for a hardy fall garden! Plants native to your region are much more likely to thrive, even in colder weather. Look for a wildflower seed mix at your local garden store, or do some research about what type of plants are native to your area. You might be surprised how many beautiful flowers grow wild around you!

Looking for more options for your backyard or garden for fall? Contact your local garden center for more autumn gardening tips and inspiration customized to your growing environment.