A display of fall plants

With cooler fall-like mornings in the forecast, it's time to welcome the fall. Just like going back to school, you can get excited about a fresh start in your garden, too. There are many advantages of planting in autumn, not the least of these being their brilliant autumn hues! That's why we are excited to share with you our Fall Collection.

a basket filled with fall pansies and other foliageOur Grown By Al's baskets are ready for fall!

This collection of autumn annuals and perennials look great around the yard, and are perfect for refreshing your containers. You can simply tuck a few blooming pansies in your tired-looking hanging baskets for a quick pop of fall color, or check out the beautiful blooming fall baskets at Al's.

Fall is for foliage, and you can add a lot of interesting texture to your gardenscape with grasses like Carex 'Red Rooster' or our many varieties of heuchera. Or go for something really unique like the crimson color of Alternathera 'Red Thread'.

Of course, fall is not without some great blooms as well. There's always the classic autumn blooms of echinacea and rudbeckia, or go for something a little different like Nemesia 'Baby Cakes Little Orange' or celosia.

tall red grass called CarexCarex 'Red Rooster'
AlternatheraAlternathera 'Red Thread'

However you like to freshen up your yard for fall, stop by Al's and see all of the seasonal options our Fall Collection has to offer.