August is all about transitions. Even with 90° days in our forecast, we begin the process of saying goodbye to summer by taking that last vacation and preparing for back to school. In the garden, Petunias and Million Bells give way to Rudbeckia and Millet, transitioning our gardens to the fall. 

decorative millet on a fall porch

Millet is especially great when it comes to transitioning your garden.  Millet is a crop that has been cultivated since the beginning of recorded history.  Millet is an umbrella term for a group of small seeded, nutrient rich cereal grains -- that smell just like Maple Syrup when in bloom! They are high in micro nutrients and protein and grow well in semiarid regions with marginal soil conditions.  These characteristics helped millet become a staple crop throughout the globe for thousands of years. 

Today this beautiful ornamental can grace either side of your front door, or be used to trade out a thriller in your container garden, that may have not survived the heat.  They perform the role of a grass, with the added bonus of a cat-tail like bloom.

So if you're looking for a way to transition your porch or deck, look to Millet and you'll need to look no more!