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Gardening is a hobby growing in popularity. In 2018, the home and garden market is projected to increase by $10 billion. What are people spending all that money on and are they doing it so their gardens live their best lives?

That's our hope, so we've some color-popping flower advice straight from plant nursery to your yard garden. You know that certain things grow in certain climates, times of the year, soil types, etc. As summer burns on and fall prepares to grace us with golden leaves, your garden must also make the transition.

Local garden centers and beyond will be stuffed with these post-season beauties for you to pick from. We've got bouquets of flowers that thrive in the transitional season, bringing a kaleidoscope of beautiful color as autumn's rust alights the rest of nature.

Perrenial Sunflowers

Not as doughty and massive as their annual kin, these yellow lovelies will grace your garden in late summer every year. A gracious reminder of the warm golden sun of the summer, softening as the season wanes. Give them a little space, though, because they can still get up to eight feet tall.


Complimenting the burgeoning autumn colors, Helenium blossoms yellow, orange, or red. Like many late-season flowers, they're tough and can withstand the irritable weather of late summer and early fall. Plus, growing them in tight groups, they form a psychedelic painting of gold dipped with red.


With the prevalence of yellows, reds, and oranges, your garden needs a splash of blue. So blue it seems purple, Monkshood is the perfect refresher. Be gentle, though; they're more delicate than the first two which bask under the sun constantly. They'll need a little more shade, so plant accordingly.

How you make your garden shine throughout the seasons is your call. Head to the plant nursery and have a chat with the people there. Talk about your garden, the light it gets, the plants already there, and anything else that could impact growth. From the garden store to the yard, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way and, before you know it, your garden will blossom beautifully every chance it has.