raking leaves off a lawn in the fall

Fall is a great time of year to plant, and an equally good time to take care of your lawn. With a little bit of maintenance this fall, you’ll have a green, lush lawn come spring.


Encap lime for lawn health

For established lawns, it’s important to use lime to help raise the pH of the soil. With all our winter rain here in the PNW, it tends to wash the soil of necessary nutrients. We also recommend fertilizing with Scott’s® Winterquard or Espoma’s® Organic Lawn Fertilizer.

The next thing you are going to want to do is aerate your lawn. This allows both moisture and fertilizer to reach the lawn root bed. Fill the holes with Planting Compost or Gypsum, this will allow the soil to drain properly.

Next you’re going to want to reseed your lawn. We recommend fertilizing and adding lime first. It’s important to scratch the lawn surface first with a rake, this agitates the existing lawn making it ready for new seed. Using a spreader is the best way to apply seed, that way it’s nice and even. Then lightly cover the seed with Planting Compost.

Finally you’ll want to “water in” all your hard work by gently misting the area, watching to ensure that the water does not puddle in any areas.

a green healthy new lawn



When you are adding a new lawn, the following steps will ensure that you have a luscious green lawn in no time. Start by considering your seed selection and whether your lawn will be in the sun, or in the shade, or a combination of the two. There are drought tolerant seed choices, but you’ll always want to use a good quality of lawn seed to prevent ryegrass and other non desirable grasses. Start by considering your watering strategy, and installing that first.

You’ll next want to rototill your soil to a depth of 4” – 6”.

IF you have clay soil, add at least 2” of Planting Compost as well as lime, per the instructions on the bag.

Next you’ll want to level your soil with a landscape rake, and roll your soil to create a firm seed bed.

Add 16-16-16 fertilizer now, and finally your base of good aerated, fertilized soil is ready for seeding!

Spread your seed evenly, and roll again. This will help the lawn seed to be pressed into the soil, and make it less susceptible to washing away.

Finally, you’ll want to lightly cover with Planting Compost and keep damp by gently “watering in” your new lawn.

a dandelion ween in grass


Now this wouldn’t be an article on lawn care, without a healthy conversation about weeds. There are many types of weeds including grasses and broadleaf plants like dandelions, cover, spurge and chickweed. We recommend controlling the spread of weeds by using Bayer ® Lawn Weed & Crabgrass Killer. Also Weed B Gon® is also a great product.

So, whether it’s a game of flag football or Frisbee, your lawn will be all ready for the fun fall times ahead.