Christmas time is the perfect time to gather your friends and family for a little intimate get together. It’s also the perfect time to throw that annual holiday bash and invite everyone you know! However you prefer your festivities, stop by Al’s gift department beforehand, and pick up the perfect bit of holiday décor and gifts that will get you and all of your guests in the holiday spirit.

Stop by any Al's Garden & Home to find unique gifts that are sure to delight!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and you may be getting ready to host the big dinner. So much detail and planning can go into making sure that the turkey is cooked just right, and that you do Grandma's famous cranberry sauce justice. But the food isn't the only thing that creates the warm and inviting feel of the holiday - your table-top decor can really help your guests get into the Thanksgiving spirit!

an array of holiday decorations on a tablescape

Here at Al's, we're busy getting our stores ready for the Christmas season, and we want your home to be holiday ready too. With a few simple additions to your existing decor you can welcome in the season. Whether you're entertaining the whole crew, or just your closest friends, we can help your home feel inviting to all.

Corn Stalk, Pumpkin, and crimson mums

For many, autumn is the second-best time of the year for seasonal decorating - right behind Christmas! If this describes you, Al's has everything you need for fantastic fall decor. Weather you are changing the decorative elements inside your home, or you want to dress up your front porch, we've got just the fall inspiration for you.

a display of barbecue accessories and wood chips

Father's Day is Sunday, June 17th. Stop by Al's to find great gifts that your dad will love!

red geranium blooms planted in teal watering cans

Oh, the humble watering can. With its iconic design and simple function, it helps gardeners bring the life-giving water to their thirsty plants. And sure, any ol’ hose can deliver a blast of H2O, but the watering can does it with the grace and elegance of a gentle spring rain.

A decorative Momma bunny with three little bunnies on her back

Easter is almost here, and Al's has a delightful selection of Easter decor and blooming houseplants for your home. So hop on in to Al's!

a poolside patio furniture set with blue pillows

As I peer into my Casual Crystal Ball to see the outdoor living trends for 2018, I see more hues of blue and gray than I have ever seen in previous years. Did you know the hues of color we use at work, at home, on our patio and in the yard can change our moods and influence our everyday habits!


In many cultures around the world, the number 3 has sacred powers. That can be demonstrated by the use of shamrocks in Irish culture. Legend tells the story of St. Patrick using a shamrock to teach the Druid people of Ireland about the Holy Trinity of the Catholic faith. The Druids believe that shamrocks had magical powers, and the ability to drive away evil spirits.