It's time to plant up those beautiful container gardens with confidence.  With a little preplanning as to which plant combinatins will work best for your outdoor space, container gardens offer an endless number of possibilities.

Easy DIY Container Planting:

Step 1.

Start by choosing your container or ceramic pot with care, as you'll want to consider the color of the annuals or perennials that you'll be featuring.  Choosing the correct container, can make all the difference!

Step 2.

Decide whether you're planting a container garden for the sun or shade, so you can choose plants with similar sun and watering requirements.

Step 3.

We recommend placing a small piece of Dry Wall tape over the drainage hole.  This allows water to drain, but creates a barrier against small bugs and slugs from getting into your container.

Step 4.

Fill your container with Al's Potting Soil, leaving enough room for your selected plants.

Step 5.

Add Al's Transplant Fertilizer to ensure a successful start!

Step 6.

Arrange the plants you have selected on the table outside of your container, that way you can easily move them around into the most pleasing arrangement of Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers.

Step 7.

Once you've decided on your ideal design, remove their plastic pots, massage the roots, and place plants in your container as desired.  If needed, add more plants to fill the container.

Step 8.

Add in enough soil on top and around the edges to fill in and secure each plant.

Step 9.

Water in your new plants to remove air bubbles in the soil, this ensures that your plant's roots have both the water and soil needed for proper nutrient uptake.

Have fun following these simple steps to create your own container garden, or join us at the upcoming DIY Container Days to have an Al's Expert assist you in creating your own beautiful container garden.